Traveller, Singer, Song writer, Teddy Adhitya is moving on with his musical journey.

After releasing his debut Album "NOTHING IS REAL" in early 2017 ,

 Teddy has earned AMI Awards Indonesia 2017 as The Best Newcomer 2017

Nominated on Indonesian Choices Awards NET 4.0 as Break through Artist of The Year 2017

Nominated on AMI Awards Indonesia 2017 as Best R&B/Soul/Urban Album 2017  

And later on this year in 2018 ,

Teddy was also being nominated as Male Singer of the Year

on Indonesian Choice Awards NET 5.0 2018

And his newest Single WHY WOULD I BE was release in October 2018




Teddy Adhitya-Nothing is Real-Artwork.png


“This album is very personal for me. Every song in this album is based on true story. Nine different stories that are actually very connected. From the feeling of joy, to being confused, to be healed, then hurt, then healed again, to fall hard, and finally the acceptance and realization that Nothing is Real. “

“Eventhough I wrote all the songs by myself, I wouldn’t have done this album without the overwhelming support from my fellow musicians. They make the storrytelling better. They help me to convey the feeling I want to put in the song.”


why would i be

First single from his second album

“I’m gonna put it this way. Imagine you have two brains, one brain thought you’re here now live in the present without worrying all memories of the past. While the other brain still bothered by those events of the past and even influence your decisions for the future.

Practically the lyric is a sample of the case. But what I’m trying to say is bigger than that.

Stuck in a moments, thoughts, ideas of the past And ask himself “Why?” ”